I behaved badly with my spouse’s mother, but my family is the most important thing to me

I love my spouse and our daughter together. We live happily and amicably. Husband constantly tries for us, works, in short, does everything for the happiness of our family. I try to keep up with him, also take care of the family and keep the home comfort and hearth.

But everything can’t be perfect. For all eight years of marriage, my mother-in-law has been constantly humiliating me behind the backs of my spouse and daughter.

I’ve simply become terrified of being alone with her. She’s always torturing me with her own sermons, which I don’t need. She is a dandelion in front of my spouse or daughter!

One day, I could not stand it and told my husband that his mother is always teasing me in their absence. He told me that his mother was worried about us and was just giving me the advice I needed. She herself never complained about me.

I began to think that maybe I was really winding myself up, and she really just wanted to make our lives easier and happier. I overcame my own fear and decided to challenge her to a frank conversation while no one was in the house.

While the fresh tea was cooling in the cups, she kept judging me and my behavior. You see, I am so untidy, my surroundings are a mess, and I do not take care of myself. It turns out that she is the only one who makes sure that her son wears neat, clean clothes.

Also, she specified that her son had a perfect girlfriend before me. She is much better than me, and she is very sorry that her son chose me over her. And I was a spoiled girl who was constantly on my parents’ necks, and this continues to this day.

I could not stand such attacks and immediately went to the kitchen, where I drank some cognac and came back.

Finally, I decided to come clean. I tried to explain to her that I was a good wife and mother. I care about the well-being of my own family. And her son loved me for who I was, otherwise we wouldn’t have lived together for eight years. I also pointed out that I didn’t want her strange advice that wouldn’t make our life together any easier.

Her face changed beyond recognition. She started screaming at me that if she wanted to, she would move in with us and call her ex-husband, who was still interested in him. I couldn’t stand it and spewed tea out of my glass, thank God it was already cold. She jumped up abruptly and walked out of our apartment. I quickly ran over and threw her cloak in her face, and then closed the doors.

I went into the kitchen and drank another shot of cognac and started to cry. I felt bad that I had treated an elderly woman that way. At that moment my husband came in, who already knew what had happened. I told him that his mother should not come to us anymore, otherwise my daughter and I would leave him. The next morning my husband and I talked and came to the conclusion that his mother was no longer interfering in our lives.

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I behaved badly with my spouse’s mother, but my family is the most important thing to me