These German mayors threatened by the far right

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According to a survey, 20% of local elected officials say they were worried, mainly by supporters of the AFD.

Björn Höcke, leader de «Der Flügel», l’aile la plus radicale du parti Alternative für Deutschland.

Björn Höcke, leader of “Der Flügel”, the most radical wing of the Alternative für Deutschland party. RONNY HARTMANN / AFP

In Berlin

Mayor of Erstof for eight years, a quiet village in 1700 inhabitants located near Hanover, Arnd Focke used to receive messages of insults on social networks, as well as anonymous calls. Engaged in support of Angela Merkel's pro-immigration policy, very critical of the German extreme right , this elected social democrat of 48 years had built a home to house refugees, which was quickly tagged. But when, at the end 2019, the city councilor discovered his car smeared with a swastika and when he received in his mailbox a handwritten paper, promising him “we will gas you like antifascists” … he threw in the towel and resigned from his mandate.

I had no other choice. It was too much. Beyond my personal safety and that of my family, I did not want my constituents to be also involved in this affair “, argues Arnd Focke. The regional department of intelligence services in charge

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