Redeployment of the U.S. Army Concerns Allies

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The United States plans to disengage from the Sahel to better counter Chinese power in Asia.

Un soldat américain sécurise le tarmac de Bamako, au Mali, en 2013, alors que vient d’atterir un avion de transport C-17 de l’US Air Force avec des troupes françaises.

An American soldier secures the tarmac in Bamako, Mali, by 2000, while a transport plane C has just landed 17 of the US Air Force with French troops. Eric Gaillard / Reuters

A new difficulty is looming for the “Barkhane” operation in the Sahel. While the French soldiers deployed in Mali to fight against terrorist groups want to adapt and strengthen their device , the American forces seem to prepare their withdrawal.

The resources that the Pentagon devotes to Africa or the Middle East “could be reduced and then redirected, either to improve the preparation of our forces in the United States, or to the Pacific” , said the American chief of staff, General Mark Milley, Monday in Brussels, before a meeting of the NATO military committee. “We are developing options for the Minister”, Defense Minister Mark Esper, he added.

At Agadez in Niger, the Americans have a base from which to take off the drones necessary to intelligence gathering, at a cost of a hundred million dollars. Across Africa, the United States is deploying 7000 soldiers. 2000 soldiers are also assigned to

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