Pierre Lacoste, military and intellectual

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DISAPPEARANCE – The former director of the DGSE, whose name is associated with the “Rainbow Warrior” affair, died at 95 years.

Pierre Lacoste était l’un de ces hommes de l’ombre qui font l’État.

Pierre Lacoste was one of those shadowy men who make up the state. DANIEL FOURAY / PHOTOPQR / OUEST FRANCE

Admiral Pierre Lacoste loved duty and discipline and he did not like politics. The former boss of the DGSE died on Monday at 95 years. He had directed the French intelligence of the 10 November 1982 at 19 September 1985. His name is associated with the scandal of the Rainbow Warrior , which cost the life of a Greenpeace activist and who has overshadowed the rest of his career. He seems to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was also one of those shadowy men who make the state.

“C 'was a very attentive, very discreet, very pragmatic man', says Hervé Séveno, director of the company I2F, specializing in economic intelligence , a field that the admiral developed in France at the end of his life. Hervé Séveno took over. “I never heard him take political stances. He never wanted to be in a camp. He did not distrust politics, but politics “, says the former fellow student who paints his portrait.

At the Naval War College, Lacoste earned the reputation of being an “intellectual”.

The story of Pierre Lacoste

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