Iran: Rohani wants to punish those responsible for the Ukrainian Boeing crash

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The government in Tehran is under pressure from students denouncing the “lies” around the downed Boeing.

Mardi, à l’université de Téhéran, des étudiants manifestent contre la destruction du Boeing ukrainien par les gardiens de la révolution.

Students at the University of Tehran on Tuesday demonstrated against the destruction of the Ukrainian Boeing by the Revolutionary Guards. ATTA KENARE / AFP

“Bassidji, go to hell” , launched Tuesday 200 angry students, mostly masked, from Tehran University, to the militiamen who faced them. For the fourth consecutive day, Iranians also protested in several places in Tehran against “the lies” of the authorities who only recognized after three days that they had killed “by mistake” a Ukrainian Boeing , killing 176 passengers, the majority of whom are Iranians and Cana diens.

This late announcement created a shock in Iran. Since Saturday, tributes to the victims of the crash have quickly turned to demonstrations against the government, and the authorities' denials have not convinced the protesters. The latter often shout slogans “Death to the dictator” , aimed at the guide Supreme, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as reported – and this is extremely rare – the Fars news agency, close to the ultra-conservatives.

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