How Iran was trapped by the strike against Soleimani

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STORY – The American response came too early in Tehran's strategy, which was counting on an escalation next summer.

Une manifestante brandit une pancarte pour dénoncer le mensonge des autorités iraniennes au sujet de la destruction du Boeing ukrainien, lundi, dans les rues de Téhéran.

A demonstrator holds up a sign denouncing the lie of the Iranian authorities about the destruction of the Ukrainian Boeing on Monday in the streets of Tehran. STR / AFP

For the third consecutive day, students demonstrated on Monday in Tehran against their government which shot down “by mistake”, Wednesday, a Ukrainian Boeing , killing 176 passengers, including many Iranians. “They killed our elites, put the mullahs in their place!” , chanted Monday students of Sharif University, the Iranian Polytechnic, allusion to the religious that many residents of the Islamic Republic would like to see cede the power they have occupied since 1979.

The day before, we could see on videos of the demonstrators snatching portraits of General Qassem Soleimani, killed on January 3 by order of Donald Trump, and others demanding the departure of the supreme guide, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. As a sign of solidarity, artists have decided to boycott the next al-Fajr arts festival in Tehran. Will the rest of the population follow in the footsteps of these demonstrators, whose actions have spread to a few provincial towns, but which remain for the time being

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