Curator Alejandro Giammattei takes the lead in Guatemala

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Alejandro Giammattei takes over from Tuesday for four years, the head of Guatemala. This 58 year old surgeon was elected on 11 last August in the second round of the presidential election. He had obtained 58% of the votes against candidate Sandra Torres. It was the fourth time he had run for president – after attempts to 2001, 2005 and 2015 – each time with a different party.

The new head of state is a right-wing conservative. He advocates the reinstatement of the death penalty and is opposed to the legalization of abortion and gay marriage. It has a priority: the restoration of order. He promises to “recover the confidence and credibility of the security forces.” We will prosecute the offenders whoever they are so that we can live in peace. ”

Alejandro Giammattei had been talked about in the early years 63 when he was director of the Guatemalan prison system. On 25 September 2006, he had launched a major operation in Pavon prison, in the capital, Ciudad de Guatemala. The objective was to regain control of the establishment where the prisoners made the law.

Inside the prison there were houses, restaurants, video game rooms or drug processing laboratories. 3000 the police stormed and 7 people were killed. Alejandro Giammattei had been prosecuted in 2010 for these extrajudicial executions and imprisoned. He called himself a “political prisoner”. The justice system eventually dropped the charges and released him after 10 months of proceedings.

The fight against corruption is not part of the program of the new president

Gustavo Berganza, sociologist

In January 2019, his predecessor Jimmy Morales expelled members of CICIG, the international commission against impunity, which aimed to fight corruption which is reaching record levels in the country. Alejandro Giammattei does not intend to reverse this decision. Among the presidential candidates was anti-corruption judge Thelma Aldana. Threatened with death, she had to take refuge in the United States.

Of the five predecessors of the new president, three have known prison for corruption charges: Otto Perez Molina, Alvaro Colom and Alfonso Portillo.

“The fight against corruption is not part of the new president's program,” explains Gustavo Berganza, sociologist and political analyst. The defense of human rights is not a priority for him. He says he wants to promote the economic development of the country and is supported by the big landowners who develop palm monoculture, to the detriment of the small farmers' right to water and land. “

Le Guatemala is one of the most dangerous countries on the planet. Its geographic location places it on the migration and drug route to North America. This did not prevent President Donald Trump from signing an agreement for asylum seekers in the United States are sent to this country. Six out of live in poverty and 23% in extreme poverty. Guatemala has the highest child undernutrition index on the continent.