In Konya, the intriguing awakening of Sufi fervor

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REPORT – Each year, thousands of visitors converge on this city of Anatolia to celebrate the memory of the great poet Jalal al-Din Rûmi, adulated for his mysticism centered on love and tolerance.

Venus du monde entier, des stagiaires participent à un atelier de «sema», la danse des derviches tourneurs, dans la salle de réception du Hilton de Konya.

Coming from all over the world, trainees participate in a “sema” workshop, the dance of whirling dervishes, in the reception hall of the Konya Hilton. Nimet Kirac / Nimet Kirac for Le Figaro

Special envoy to Konya (Central Anatolia)

With a hushed step, they enter in a row in the arena looking like a football stadium. Their eyes, impassive to the crowd who crowd in the stands, gaze into nothingness. Arms crossed over the heart, head slightly bent to the right, the dervishes begin to pivot on the tips of the toes as they begin their gyratory dance. Driven by the ney, the reed flute, and percussion, the pace quickens. The white dresses rise in the wind. The arms are detached from the body, right hand facing the sky, the other towards the ground. Spectators from all over the world are speechless, hypnotized by this “sema” ceremony in tribute to Jalal al-Din Rûmi, Persian-speaking poet of the 13th century th century (1207 – 1273) and founder of the brotherhood of “Mevlevi”.

Sanctuary of Mevlana Jalal al-Din Rûmi. Nimet Kirac / Nimet Kirac for Le Figaro

Each year, in December, more and more come to commemorate his death in Konya, in the heart of the plateau Anatolian, where its mausoleum is the third most popular site

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